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May 21, 2024

All In Aviation Expands ALSIM Flight Simulator Capabilities with Cirrus Aircraft SR22 and SR22 Turbo Models

Software Update Provides Enhanced Training Options for Student Pilots at Premier Las Vegas-area Flight School
B-Roll: All In Aviation acquires an ALSIM ALSR20 FTD, an advanced visual system featuring a 270-degree wrap-around screen, a Cirrus SR cockpit and flight deck with Garmin avionics.
Las Vegas, Nev. – All In Aviation, Southern Nevada’s premier flight school and full-service aviation company, announces an update to the software of its FAA-certified ALSIM ALSR20 flight simulator. In addition to the previously available Cirrus SR20, the simulator now also provides simulated flight training experience in the Cirrus SR22 and SR22 Turbo aircraft models.

One of the most innovative flight training simulators on the market, the ALSR20 provides student pilots with a unique and immersive training option while earning a private pilot license (PPL) and instrument rating (IR).

Since acquiring the ALSR20 in 2022, the simulator has significantly enhanced All In Aviation’s training programs and operations, proving instrumental to the flight school’s continued success. As of April 2024, the simulator has logged over 800 hours of student instruction and more than 300 hours of employee time, supporting a diverse range of flight training including student certifications and proficiency, instructor development, and ground school. Additionally, the simulator has enhanced training efficiency by allowing students and staff to practice procedures in a controlled environment while complementing in-aircraft instruction, including when weather was unfavorable for flying or when aircraft were unavailable.

“Our goal has always been to provide the most comprehensive and advanced flight training options for our students,” said Paul Sallach, President of All In Aviation. “The ALSIM’s realistic flight dynamics and high-fidelity cockpit, now enhanced with SR22 and SR22 Turbo updates, make it an invaluable tool for preparing pilots for real-world flights in a wider range of aircraft,” continued Sallach.

The ALSIM ALSR20 simulator features a 270-degree wrap-around screen, ALSIM’s patented force feedback system, and a fully equipped Cirrus-specific cockpit. With the latest software update, students can now experience the handling characteristics, avionics, and other features of the popular SR22 and SR22 Turbo models alongside the original SR20 simulation.

All In Aviation is the only Cirrus Aircraft training partner in Southern Nevada and operates the only ALSIM ALSR20 simulator in the region. With this latest enhancement, the company continues to solidify its position as the premier destination for comprehensive and cutting-edge flight training in the Las Vegas area.

For information on All In Aviation’s comprehensive flight training options, visithttps://www.allinaviation.com/flight-training.html.

About All In Aviation:

All In Aviation, the only Cirrus Aircraft training partner in Southern Nevada, is a full-service aviation company offering flight training, factory transition training, pilot certifications, and aircraft rental, sales, management &storage. Dedicated to growing and developing more pilots, All In Aviation is a trusted partner for aviation training, from a student’s very first flight through some of the most advanced pilot certifications.

With an emphasis on quality customer care, All In Aviation’s flight instruction is led by highly experienced and professional certified flight instructors. From Cirrus to Cessna, All In Aviation’s fleet includes the safest and most sophisticated piston aircraft on the market, equipped with Garmin Avionics technology, glass panels, air conditioning, and – included on all Cirrus Aircraft models – a whole-airframe parachute system.

All In Aviation has two locations to serve Southern Nevada, located at Henderson Executive Airport and NorthLas Vegas Airport. For additional information call 702-ALL-IN22 (702-255-4622), visit https://www.allinaviation.com/ or follow All In Aviation on social media on Facebook at @AllInAviation andInstagram at @AllInAviation.



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