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June 26, 2024

Las Vegas’ Largest Disability Resource Network Announces Leadership Change and Renewed Focus

Collaboration Center names Cindy Goussak as Executive Director, emphasizes equitable access to services and care for those impacted by disabilities within our community

Las Vegas – The Collaboration Center, Las Vegas’ largest disability resource network, announces the appointment of co-founder Cindy Goussak to Executive Director, and new core messaging that crystallizes its mission to ensuring everyone has equitable access to essential services and support systems regardless of disability. In her new role, Goussak is focused on emphasizing the organization’s mission to provide a comprehensive, centralized support system thatenhances independence and quality of life for those living with intellectual, developmental, physical and learning disabilities.

Collaboration Center was founded in 2019 after witnessing fragmented disability resources and long waitlists for available services and support. Since then, the organization has impacted over 52,000 families through case management, community outreach, and inclusion programs while providing over 7,500 referrals and access to services, and has grown to become a centralized hub that reduces barriers by providing streamlined access to crucial services and support systems throughout the Southern Nevada community.

“We believe no one should have to navigate the system alone when seeking out services for their loved one with a disability,” said Goussak. “Our Pathways Case Mangement Program is the bridge connecting individuals and families to the resources they need, whether located on our campus or elsewhere in the community. We understand the challenges faced by those caring for loved ones with disabilities, and we are committed to providing compassionate guidance and support every step of the way.”

Through a unique concierge case management approach, the Pathways team streamlines access to a full range of on and off-campus services and support systems including therapies, education, vocational training, community groups and more to meet each individual’s specific needs.Serving individuals of all ages, the free program is designed to alleviate the burden and stress of navigating the complex web of available resources and benefits, ensuring that families receive the tailored support they deserve, without the risk of ‘aging out.’

With a variety of on-site disability service partners like the Children’s Heart Foundation, Let’s Talk Therapy, Boy’s Town Nevada, the Nevada Medicaid Office, and more, the Collaboration Center serves as a centralized hub that brings together crucial resources for individuals and families. This collective of specialized providers, agencies and nonprofits allows for seamless coordination and collaboration among various entities offering healthcare, educational resources, community programs, supportive services and more.

The Collaboration Center’s cohesive resource network allows for a holistic, wraparound approach to empowering individuals and meeting the needs of their entire family unit. “No one should have to bounce from agency to agency or get stuck on endless waitlists when seeking out critical services,” said Goussak. “Our philosophy is that everyone deserves access to services in order to reach their full potential.”

In addition to the Pathways program’s case management, the Collaboration Center offers support groups, family inclusion programming, vocational training and support, and more. The center’s messaging and leadership crystallize its mission to reduce barriers, ensuring everyone in the Southern Nevada disability community has access to services.

More about the Campus:
The Collaboration Center occupies a five-acre campus in Southwest Las Vegas situated on the former family-owned Las Vegas Ranch. This comprehensive facility now serves as a resource center that includes The Helms Helps Hub, a 13,000-square-foot space dedicated to treatment, therapy, recreation, and support services. Featuring a collaboration of onsite providers, agencies, and nonprofit organizations, the center creates an inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities and their families can access diverse healthcare, educational, and supportive services in one centralized location. Since inception, the campus has further expanded to offer an ADA playground, community meeting rooms, a meditation garden, and a café and retail store (coming in January 2025).  

About Collaboration Center

The Collaboration Center was established in 2019 with the mission to ensure everyone, regardless of disability, has equitable access to essential services and support systems by creating and managing the largest disability resource network in Nevada.

Through its core Pathways Program, the Collaboration Center connects individuals and families impacted by intellectual, developmental, physical, and learning disabilities with the best resources for achieving the greatest outcomes. Using a unique concierge case management approach, the Pathways team serves as a centralized, one-stop resource point for families to access to a full range of services, both on and off campus, providing assistance for navigating the complex network of disability services.

The Collaboration Center’s comprehensive campus serves as a centralized hub for a multitude of providers, agencies, and nonprofit organizations that specialize in serving individuals with disabilities from healthcare services and educational resources to community programs and supportive services.

For more information about the Collaboration Center, call (702) 329-3208, visit www.collablv.org, or follow @collaborationlv on social media.


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