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A Las Vegas Public Relations Company

A Las Vegas Public Relations Company

A Las Vegas Public Relations CompanyA Las Vegas Public Relations Company

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Laurie Mann, Marketing Director, United Way


"You truly went above and beyond the scope of work for the Community Connect project and continually surprised our team with your dedication to increasing our community exposure. We really appreciate your attention to detail and the individual campaign assets. Because of you, we surpassed all expectations and goals for earned media and site visits for our online information hub, Community Connect and we engaged media staff in learning how to use the tool. Thank you Gina Yager Creative for all that you have done to increase United Way's visibility."

Kellen Kautzman, Owner, Send It Rising


"Gina Yager is a true public relations professional. She has helped grow my digital advertising agency, Send It Rising, by leaps in bounds through her work. She's gone above and beyond, helping me secure speaking engagements, getting our articles featured in major publications and putting together a successful non-profit contest. There is no public relations expert I would recommend more highly than Gina Yager. Hire her!"

Paul Sallach, President, All In Aviation


"Exceeds expectations is an understatement!! We dreamed big with goals for local, national, international, print, television, and even social media influencer initiatives. In only six months she has delivered specific PR on all these fronts, and we continue to push forward on lofty plans. When the time comes for events, Gina has risen to the task. Thoughtful and organized, her tenacity has brought exposure we could have never garnered on our own. In summary, retaining GYC for PR has been a decision we have never second guessed, and look forward to working with long into the future!"  

Logan Seven, Aussie Heat


Gina of GYC is an honest professional in her craft of Public Relations. Being knowledgeable about current trends, contacts, etc., she and her team have boosted our brand recognition incredibly, not only in our base here in Las Vegas, but across the region. She goes above and beyond when it comes to including us in her efforts to spread the word about our group. GYC is always available to assist in our PR at the drop of a hat. We thank you Gina for making Aussie Heat known in the show industry of Las Vegas. Working with you and your team in the coming years looks like a team that can only win!