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We’re Open For Business! – Spread the News


Businesses are reopening in Las Vegas, and with many opening their doors at the same time, it is more important than ever to get noticed. Let GYC’s expertise in strategic marketing be your key to successfully reemerging from the economic shutdown.

In a new era of capturing consumer attention how will you let your customers know you are back? How can you capture new business? You need a starter PR plan, and we have one – a plan that can help you get the word out and let the Vegas community know you are open to serve them. 

You've likely made many operational changes due to the virus, and showing your customers that you take their safety seriously is fundamental. Changes to your business to protect against the virus should be tactically announced, to ensure your customers return while new business is driven to your doors.

Two Month Program

Two Month Program

Two Month Program

Get the word out! Let Las Vegas know you are back and open for business. With businesses starting to reopen, the need to break through the clutter is vitally important to your survival – now more than ever. 

  • Develop key brand messaging and story angles
  • Draft foundational press kit (founder bio, fact sheet and press release) to announce company news such as: business history, past accomplishments, sales promotions, or safety precautions implemented due to the coronavirus
  • Distribute news release via GYC Vegas’ proprietary media and influencer database 
  • Social media postings – 5 per week per platform on Instagram and Facebook
  • Marketing collateral and distribution of your choice:

  1. E-Newsletters – Design and copywrite 2 marketing e-newsletters to promote and distribute your sales efforts via GYC and customer databases. 
  2. Community Outreach – Design promotional flyer and coordinate targeted community drops to local businesses or resource centers. (delivery and printing costs additional)

  • Outreach to local print and TV media outlets to garner news coverage, feature stories and interviews

Six Month Program

Two Month Program

Two Month Program

This program offers the same benefits as the 2-month program, plus the following additional services to continue breaking through clutter as competitive businesses reopen and consumers begin to reinvest in the community. 

  • Draft internal communications messaging for stakeholders and employees
  • Conceptualize marketing promotion and sales initiative to drive traffic
  • Two additional press releases for a total of three announcements
  • Wire Press Release Distribution - Establish an additional layer of credibility while giving a boost to your online exposure via link-building. Automatically generate 100+ back links from high-traffic news sites to your website to enhance your SEO rankings.
  • Social media postings – additional 5 postings per week per platform on Instagram and Facebook
  • Social media management and follower engagement, plus ad buying – includes $150 per month in ad spend
  • Monthly marketing e-newsletter design, copywriting and distribution
  • Outreach to local, industry, enthusiast/niche and national (if applicable) print, TV, online, and radio/podcast media outlets